When being on the cutting-edge is not enough

It is not a secret that having the most innovative sports venue is no guarantee of success, especially in this unprecedented times.

For almost 15 years ADERASSA | Sports & Entertainment supports development, redevelopment and operations of Sports venues not only to create the best venue, but also the most sustainable business for decades of success.

Beyond the architectural aspects covered by the architects, we are focused on creating a sports/non-sports ecosystem to best serve teams, fans, businesses and local community.

Our portfolio includes more than 30 venues as proven track record of our innovative approach in different fields of the sports industry around the world.

The added value provided by our innovative approach to supporting the development of sports venues encourages our customers to trust us for several years for their operations.

benefits of a real game changing approach

  • Lower impact for the taxpayer
  • Improve investment cost
  • Create funding opportunities
  • Optimize construction/ renovation costs
  • Improve operations costs
  • Attract new generation of fans
  • Seduce non-sports attendees
  • Increase loyalty of existing fans
  • Develop social clubs
  • Improve existing economic models
  • Create new non-sports economic models
  • Create community economic models
  • Generate new revenue streams

POST-COVID: be prepared for the new age of Fan experience economy

New generation of fans, new facilities, new revenue streams

During Pandemic, fans had to face different challenges: Exodus, lockdowns, change of revenue, new lifestyle…

COVID-19 deeply changed the profile and expectations of Sports venues guests. Most of them are expecting more secured, immersive and unique experience.

Sports venues owners, operators and clubs have had to face critical economic challenges and must now reinvent their infrastructures and offers to catch up and perform into this new age of fan experience.

Since April 2020, our 12 year experimented experts team has been at their side to face these new challenges and create the most effective Fan experience economy.


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