POST-COVID: be prepared for the new age of Fan experience economy

New generation of fans, new facilities, new revenue streams

During Pandemic, fans had to face different challenges: Exodus, lockdowns, change of revenue, new lifestyle…

COVID-19 deeply changed the profile and expectations of Sports venues guests. Most of them are expecting more secured, immersive and unique experience.

Sports venues owners, operators and clubs have had to face critical economic challenges and must now reinvent their infrastructures and offers to catch up and perform into this new age of fan experience.

Since April 2020, our 12 year experimented experts team has been at their side to face these new challenges and create the most effective Fan experience economy.

Over a decade to support the best Fan Experience around the world

For over a decade, ADERASSA has supported more than 30 large venues projects ($100 Million up to $1.5 Billion) around the world in helping owners, operators and teams to find the best balance between sources of revenue (FAN EXPERIENCE) and the inherited costs (TECHNICAL INFRASTRUCTURES).

Our mission:
– SAVE MONEY (from programming to operations)

Fully oriented on the operations (actual or future), ADERASSA works to serve the interests of the owner, operators and  in conjunction with the project team, the architects, the consultants, the owner’s representative or the PMO of the project.

TV: the best friend and the worst enemy for sports venues

Best friend

Today, we cannot imagine not broadcasting a sports event on TV, It allows :
– Regional or college events to be seen throughout the country,
– To people who are not at the venue of being able to bet and even from thousands of miles.
– To collect TV rights
– To attract sponsors looking for visibility
– To engage new fans…

It is therefore important to pay special attention to broadcast infrastructures in order to attract broadcasters and make the experience of fans who can not attend the event the most immersive possible.

Worst enemy

In an era when fans at home can watch multiple games at the same time on their large screen last generation, lounging in their comfortable couch, eating their warm delivered pizza with their iced beer.

when the stadium video board can’t match the number of highlights available on an iPad, when fans inside a stadium get poor cell-phone reception while those at home are texting and Twittering, when fans need to be at the venue 2 hours before the event dealinging with trafic jam (before and after the event)…

This why owners, associations, operators, clubs need to find new ways to attract attendees in the facilty.