ADERASSA Sports & Entertainment is a division of ADERASSA | GROUP based in USA (US & CN markets) and Morocco (AFRICA, MEA & EUROPE Markets) which specializes in advising and supporting Sports venues owners, operators and Teams during construction / redevelopment and operations of sports projects worldwide.

Our story started in France in 2008 with the french first “digital stadium” (MMArena), which became the model for many others biggest stadiums in the country for the EURO 2016 Cup.

For more than 12 years, our experts are helping to:

  • save $ Millions in construction / redevelopment projects
  • attract new Fans
  • generate new economic models

So far, ADERASSA | Sports & entertainment has implement his DNA into the innovation and success of more than 30 major projects of Stadiums, arenas and racetracks.

Implementation of our innovative strategies and suggestions has transformed stadiums, arenas and racetracks from ordinary, run of the mill into innovative venues of the future saving their owners [millions of dollars] and opening up new, substantial revenue streams.

More than expertise: a real experience !









Why choose us ?

To ensure the quality of the project

From the design step to the operations, we are involved beside your team to detect failures and bad practices during execution that could injure your operations.

Construction project managers are able to detect usual constructions failures. We are able to detect failures which can disturb your fan experience and your game operations.

You are running event & hospitality operations: you have specific needs, this why we are ensuring the quality of execution to guarantee your operating efficiency.

To make savings

If we are involved early enough (in the design or engineering steps of the construction project): we help owner / real estate investor to save several $ Millions (investment / construction costs).

Oriented on the real operations for the first decades of running of the project, our systemic approach allows us to:

  • Improve design & engineering
  • Detect failure and bad practices that could generate costs afterward
  • Anticipate “post-contract” investments

To consolidate your economic models

Because we are involved in the overseeing of the deployment of your game, event and hospitality facilities: we can set up with you technical models for the next 21 years after opening and support you to create/adapt economic models for your project.

With our support, you can operate reliable & flexible business models for decades

To free up your people

Your technical owner’s representative is integrated to your team. Alongside your project director, we are representing your services managers (Guest experience, hospitality, wagering, IT, AV & Broadcast, Facility Manager, gardeners…) to the architects, the Project Management Office (PMO), engineers, contractors, manufacturers…

Your team can stay focus on their usual duties and you needn’t to hire more people to manage the project on your behalf.