An unprecedented situation

The COVID-19 crisis is a real trauma for Sports & entertainment industry. From March all stadiums, arenas and racetracks are closed all around the world and owners, teams, investors and operators are losing $ Millions.

We don’t know yet when venues will be able to reopen and host attendees.

But one way or another business should have to restart as soon as possible.

If we cannot predict date to be back in business, and without to be expert or soothsayer we are sure that SOCIAL DISTANCING will be the key and the new rules for facilities hosting people at least till the end of this year.

Another obvious fact: in the aftermath it will be more difficult to attract attendees in venues for economic reasons and for the fear of being in a crowd.

We need to rethink the way we are hosting attendees and not for short term but for long term period as we also start to speak of COVID -19 as possible new season illness.

Ready to be back in business thanks to AI

In 2019 we added a new tool in our toolbox to improve the FAN EXPERIENCE and the VISITOR JOURNEY: Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI has proven to be really efficient as decision helper for us and our clients to build more efficient visitor journeys for attendees of sports venues.

Today we are working with tools readjusted for SOCIAL DISTANCING to rethink the way we are hosting people in buildings and avoid as possible contacts.

This is a big challenge for buildings hosting thousands of people, but today we have no choice and need to prove to officials and attendees that the venues are safe as possible and the safety takes priority over experience.

How we do it:

  • We are collecting usual attendees’ profiles from you
  • Simulate new journey of people outside and inside buildings which never planned for social distancing
  • Provide recommendations and improvements
  • Budget improvements and modifications of areas and amenities
  • Oversee transformations and improvements
  • Prepare all needed documentation to introduce new SOCIAL DISTANCING improvements to officials to facilitate reopening as soon as possible

Let’s get ready together to be back in business!

Simulation without SOCIAL DISTANCING rule / with SOCIAL DISTANCING rule – NO improvement / SOCIAL DISTANCING + Improvements:

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