Maximizing Venue Value:

Transforming 20 Gaming Days into +300 Operations Days

At ADERASSA, we specialize in transforming the traditional fan experience into a dynamic, year-round engagement. Our innovative approach turns 20 days of gaming into +300 days of vibrant operations.

By integrating convention centers, hospitality, attractions trends and strategies, we create a robust ecosystem that enhances stadiums, arenas, racetracks.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and comprehensive premium services, we ensure that every venue operates at its full potential.

This comprehensive approach offers unparalleled experiences for fans and visitors in maximizing value for stakeholders. Whether it’s sports events, live concerts and more, our expertise ensures that every day is filled with excitement, engagement, and lasting value.

Attract and Engage New Fans

We bring new services and experiences inspired by current trends in attractions and hospitality venues. By creating immersive and engaging environments, we draw in new fans and keep them excited and engaged.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology we also create memorable moments that resonate with audiences, ensuring repeat visits and a growing fan base.

Save Money and Increase Profits

Our experience-centric approach allows us to save money during the development and redevelopment of venues. We focus on support of efficient design and construction practices, integrating multi-use designs and premium services from the outset to ensure cost-effective, sustainable projects that meet current and future demands.

Our 20-year operations strategies and support help venues maintain high levels of performance and cost-effectiveness. Enhanced engagement, improved experiences, increased attendance, and more efficient operations all lead to higher profits.

Generate New Economic Models

We develop unique economic models tailored to the needs of modern venues. Our strategies extend beyond traditional revenue streams, incorporating multi-use designs, premium services, and hospitality trends to create sustainable and profitable operations.

Our new economic models create an ecosystem so robust that it allowed our historic clients to navigate through the pandemic and inflation with fewer damages and recover quicker than other venues. This holistic approach ensures long-term financial health and resilience against market fluctuations.

The Value We Bring

What Sets Us Apart

Expertise Across Diverse Industries

With over 15 years of expertise spanning various industries, including hospitality, attractions, and convention centers, we have the experience and knowledge to create comprehensive strategies tailored to the unique environment and audience of each venue. By understanding the nuances of different sectors, we develop solutions that are both effective and innovative.

Core Activity Focus

While many focus on the digital and marketing aspects of the fan experience, ADERASSA emphasizes the core activities that truly enhance and sustain venues. Our approach ensures that the foundational elements—such as real estate, architecture, and premium services—are robust and optimized to create lasting value.

Beyond Consulting

We go beyond traditional consulting by providing a full suite of services, including consulting, engineering, project management, and owner’s representation. This integrated approach ensures that every aspect of your project is expertly managed from conception to completion.

Beyond Fan Journey and Fan Experience

We don’t just focus on the fan journey; we integrate guest and visitor experiences to ensure a comprehensive approach that caters to all attendees. This integration creates a seamless and enjoyable environment for everyone involved.

Experience-Centric Design

Our experience-centric approach facilitates the multi-use design of facilities, making them adaptable and versatile for various events and uses. This flexibility ensures that venues can host a wide range of activities, maximizing their utility and profitability.

Strong Ecosystem Development

We focus not only on the real estate or architectural aspects but also on creating a complete ecosystem that ensures the development and growth of the project. By incorporating elements such as convention centers, hospitality, and attractions, we build robust environments that thrive over time.

Hospitality and Premium Services

We add a comprehensive layer of hospitality and premium services to enhance the overall experience. Whether it’s through personalized concierge services, luxury amenities, or tailored hospitality solutions, we ensure that every visit is exceptional and memorable.

Innovative Engagement Platforms

We develop digital and physical platforms to enhance fan interaction and engagement. These platforms include mobile apps, social media integration, and interactive in-venue experiences that keep fans connected and involved.

Advanced Technology Integration

Our experience-centric approach facilitates the multi-use design of facilities, making them adaptable and versatile for various events and uses. This flexibility ensures that venues can host a wide range of activities, maximizing their utility and profitability.

Comprehensive Visitor/Customer Journey

We meticulously design every touchpoint to ensure a holistic and immersive experience for visitors and customers alike. From arrival to departure, every aspect of the visitor journey is crafted to provide maximum satisfaction and engagement

Crafting Value for





For over a decade, ADERASSA has been instrumental in the transformation of the PARISLONGCHAMP Racetrack, guiding it from the initial redevelopment design phases to its current state of dynamic operations and continuous evolution. This long-term partnership has not only revitalized the racetrack but also set new international standards within the challenging horse racing industry.

From 24 Days of Gaming to 326 Days of Operations

Our comprehensive strategic plan has been the cornerstone of PARISLONGCHAMP’s remarkable transformation. Initially, the racetrack hosted only 24 days of racing per year. Through our innovative approach, we expanded its use to an impressive 326 days of operations annually. This transformation was achieved by integrating a diverse range of events, attractions, and activities that draw visitors year-round.

New International Standards

PARISLONGCHAMP has set a new benchmark in the horse racing industry, thanks to our meticulous planning and execution. The racetrack is now recognized internationally for its state-of-the-art facilities, exceptional visitor experiences, and sustainable practices. Our work at PARISLONGCHAMP demonstrates how strategic redevelopment can elevate a venue to global standards, even in a traditionally challenging industry.

Showcasing Our Expertise

PARISLONGCHAMP stands as our flagship project, showcasing the full spectrum of ADERASSA’s expertise and experience. From the initial design and redevelopment stages to the implementation of cutting-edge technologies and premium services, every aspect of the racetrack reflects our commitment to creating a fan experience-centric environment. This approach has proven to create real value, not only enhancing the fan experience but also ensuring the venue’s long-term sustainability and profitability.

Comprehensive Approach

Our involvement in PARISLONGCHAMP covers:

  • Initial Redevelopment Design: Crafting a visionary plan that balances modernity with the rich heritage of the racetrack, creating the multi-use flexibility that allows for 326 days of operations.
  • Acting as Owner Representative: Providing guidance and representation during all development phases to ensure project alignment with the strategic vision.
  • Technology Integration: Implementing state-of-the-art technologies to enhance visitor engagement and operational efficiency.
  • Supporting Actual Operations and Developments: Continuously supporting ongoing operations and new developments to maintain high standards and operational efficiency.
  • Event Support for the Qatar Prix Arc de Triomphe: Delivering comprehensive event support for one of the most prestigious horse racing events, enhancing its global appeal and operational success.
  • Premium Services: Offering high-end amenities and services that elevate the overall visitor experience.
  • And More

Results and Impact

The transformation of PARISLONGCHAMP has had a profound impact on the venue and its stakeholders. The racetrack now hosts a wide variety of events beyond horse racing, including concerts, exhibitions, and corporate events. This diversification has not only increased revenue but also attracted a broader audience, fostering a vibrant community around the venue.

By turning PARISLONGCHAMP into a year-round destination, ADERASSA has demonstrated the power of a fan experience-centric approach in creating lasting value. The success of this project underscores our ability to deliver innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of modern venues.

From Vision to Reality

PARISLONGCHAMP Racetrack exemplifies ADERASSA’s capabilities in transforming traditional venues into dynamic, multi-use destinations. Our decade-long partnership and strategic vision have set new standards in the horse racing industry, proving that a comprehensive, experience-centric approach can generate significant economic and social value.

Join us as we continue to lead the way in experience design and real estate transformation, turning visionary ideas into reality and setting new benchmarks for excellence.


Digital Signage by

Our marketing and Creative division plays a crucial role in the ongoing success of PARISLONGCHAMP Racetrack by managing and creating content for its extensive digital signage network. This includes:

Remote Network Management
From our New York area headquarters, remotely manages the network and content for 420 screens across the racetrack. This IPTV and digital signage network ensures that visitors are continuously engaged with dynamic, up-to-date information and entertainment, enhancing their overall experience at the venue.

Custom Content Creation
For prestigious events like the Qatar Prix Arc de Triomphe, creates custom content tailored specifically for the occasion. This bespoke content not only elevates the event’s atmosphere but also ensures that the racetrack remains a top-tier destination for horse racing enthusiasts worldwide.

By leveraging our expertise in digital media and remote management, contributes significantly to the seamless operation and high-quality visitor experience at PARISLONGCHAMP, further solidifying its status as a premier international venue.

Shipping Containers Conversion by ADNEXO

PARISLONGCHAMP Racetrack required versatile, movable amenities for ticketing and VIP entrance to accommodate different event needs. ADERASSA entrusted this task to its division ADNEXO, which specializes in transforming shipping containers into functional spaces.

Shipping Container Transformation
Shipping containers were chosen for their durability, cost-effectiveness, and ease of mobility. This method allows for quick setup, teardown, and relocation, making it ideal for the dynamic requirements of PARISLONGCHAMP’s events.

Design and Engineering
ADNEXO designed and engineered the transformation of these shipping containers into sophisticated amenities that meet the racetrack’s high standards. The process included:

  • Durable and Secure: Containers provide robust, secure structures that can withstand heavy usage and various weather conditions.
  • Customizable Interiors: The interiors were tailored to offer comfort and functionality, ensuring a premium experience for VIP guests and efficient operations for ticketing staff.
  • Mobility: The amenities can be easily moved and reconfigured based on the specific needs of each event.

Implementation and Project Management
Once the designs were finalized, ADNEXO worked with a local contractor to manufacture and install the amenities. ADERASSA handled the project management and mock-up stages, ensuring that every detail met our exacting standards. The project was completed on time and within budget.

Success and Utilization
Since the redevelopment, these units have been a real success and are utilized weekly during event operations at the racetrack. They have enhanced the efficiency of ticketing processes and elevated the VIP experience, contributing significantly to the overall success of PARISLONGCHAMP.

By leveraging ADNEXO’s expertise in shipping container transformations, ADERASSA has provided PARISLONGCHAMP with versatile, high-quality amenities that perfectly meet the venue’s dynamic needs.