CAPACITY: 50,000 attendees

PROJECT COST: $ 180 Million

The famous flagship of the french racing association (FRANCE GALOP) was inaugurated on April 29, 2018 after 8 years of work and 2 years of construction.

This inauguration was made in a difficult context for the global horse racing industry: racetracks around the world are struggling to attract new attenders and engage new fans.

New generations are not attracted by this “old-fashioned” sport. They prefer to go in ultra connected stadiums and share new entertainment experiences.

LONGCHAMP racetrack has made a commitment to do everything to attract this new generation.

Today, the FAN EXPERIENCE is not focused only on the grandstand and the track: the backyard and non-racing activities are new assets of a global experience.

During a week of normal operation, the racetrack can host various major events including traditional races and have a different set of configurations to meet the most demanding events & hospitality needs.

This is possible thanks to the extremely flexible and innovative TECHNICAL INFRASTRUCTURES from the backyard to the clubhouse.

The new LONGCHAMP became a real FAN EXPERIENCE lab, not only for the racetracks but for all racetracks of FRANCE GALOP and a new model for other racing associations.

If our team jumped in the projet at the beginning of the pre-construction step, it continues on a daily basis to support the team of the racetrack to guarantee the success of the operations.

The LONGCHAMP Racetrack is for us a special project, because the trust of our client allows us from the beginning to express all our expertise and  experience and those in all our scope of work.


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