Leading the Way in Visitor Experience Design

At ADERASSA, we specialize in transforming visitor experiences across a diverse range of venues. From museums and galleries to theme parks, zoos, and historic landmarks, we create engaging and memorable interactions that captivate and educate.

Our expertise extends to convention centers and transportation hubs, where we optimize the experience for event attendees and travelers alike. By integrating state-of-the-art technology, comprehensive services, and innovative design, we ensure that every visit is impactful and enjoyable.

Whether enhancing cultural and educational attractions, creating immersive experiences in entertainment venues, or streamlining operations in convention centers and transportation hubs, our holistic approach guarantees a seamless and enriching journey for every visitor.

Our commitment to excellence and innovation sets new standards in the industry, making us a trusted partner in developing world-class visitor experiences.

Improve Visitor Experience to Increase Value

We enhance the visitor experience to boost their engagement and satisfaction, which in turn increases their spending power. By creating immersive and enjoyable environments, we attract and captivate visitors, ensuring memorable experiences that encourage repeat visits and higher spending.

Save Money / Increase Profits

Our comprehensive approach optimizes the operations of visitor-centric venues. By integrating advanced technologies and efficient design practices, we reduce costs and boost efficiency, allowing venues to operate smoothly and profitably. This results in significant cost savings and increased profitability for our clients.

Create Multi-Use Activities and Amenities

We develop multi-use activities and amenities for attractions, similar to our strategies for sports venues. By incorporating diverse activities and premium services, we generate new economic models that ensure sustainable and profitable operations. Our innovative approach allows venues to offer a wide range of experiences, maximizing their utility and revenue potential.

The Value We Bring

What Sets Us Apart

Expertise Across Diverse Industries

With over 15 years of experience spanning various industries, including hospitality, attractions, and convention centers, we have the knowledge to create comprehensive strategies tailored to the unique environment and audience of each venue. By understanding the nuances of different sectors, we develop solutions that are both effective and innovative.

Core Activity Focus

While many focus on the digital and marketing aspects of the visitor experience, ADERASSA emphasizes the core activities that truly enhance and sustain venues. Our approach ensures that the foundational elements—such as real estate, architecture, and premium services—are robust and optimized to create lasting value.

Beyond Consulting

We go beyond traditional consulting by providing a full suite of services, including consulting, engineering, project management, and owner’s representation. This integrated approach ensures that every aspect of your project is expertly managed from conception to completion.

Beyond Visitor Journey and Experience

We don’t just focus on the visitor journey; we integrate guest and fan experiences to ensure a comprehensive approach that caters to all attendees. This integration creates a seamless and enjoyable environment for everyone involved.

Experience-Centric Design

Our experience-centric approach facilitates the multi-use design of facilities, making them adaptable and versatile for various events and uses. This flexibility ensures that venues can host a wide range of activities, maximizing their utility and profitability.

Strong Ecosystem Development

We focus not only on the real estate or architectural aspects but also on creating a complete ecosystem that ensures the development and growth of the project. By incorporating elements such as convention centers, hospitality, and attractions, we build robust environments that thrive over time.

Hospitality and Premium Services

We add a comprehensive layer of hospitality and premium services to enhance the overall experience. Whether it’s through personalized concierge services, luxury amenities, or tailored hospitality solutions, we ensure that every visit is exceptional and memorable.

Innovative Engagement Platforms

We develop digital and physical platforms to enhance visitor interaction and engagement. These platforms include mobile apps, social media integration, and interactive in-venue experiences that keep visitors connected and involved.

Advanced Technology Integration

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we create innovative solutions that enhance efficiency and engagement. From smart building systems to interactive displays and real-time data analytics, our technology integration ensures that venues operate at their full potential.

Comprehensive Visitor/Customer Journey

We meticulously design every touchpoint to ensure a holistic and immersive experience for visitors and customers alike. From arrival to departure, every aspect of the visitor journey is crafted to provide maximum satisfaction and engagement.

Crafting Value for





C_42, the Citroën flagship showroom on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, was a pioneering exhibition space that remained at the forefront of innovation throughout its decade-long existence. This iconic venue combined retail, exhibition, and experiential elements to create a dynamic and engaging visitor experience. ADERASSA played a key role in maintaining C_42’s status as a leading destination for automotive enthusiasts and the general public alike.


The primary challenge was to design a multifunctional space that continuously evolved to meet visitor expectations while maintaining Citroën’s brand identity. The showroom needed to:

  • Integrate advanced technological features seamlessly.
  • Enhance visitor engagement through interactive and immersive experiences.
  • Stay innovative and relevant over its ten-year operation.

Our Response

  • Interactive Devices: We integrated interactive devices into handrails and columns, allowing visitors to engage with digital content effortlessly.
  • Large Screens: High-definition screens were installed throughout the showroom, providing vibrant displays of Citroën’s history, models, and future innovations.
  • Wall of Screens: A dedicated wall of screens on the lower level served as a training platform for workshops, enhancing educational and interactive elements of the showroom.
  • Inclusive Technology: Sound was broadcasted through windows to assist visitors with hearing impairments, ensuring an inclusive experience for all.

Results & Impact

  • Consistent Innovation: Over its decade-long operation, C_42 remained at the top of visitor attractions by continuously introducing innovative technological features and engaging experiences.
  • Increased Visitor Engagement: Interactive and immersive elements significantly boosted visitor engagement, making C_42 a must-visit destination on the Champs-Élysées.
  • Enhanced Brand Loyalty: The immersive experiences fostered a deeper connection between visitors and the Citroën brand.

From Vision to Reality

C_42 Citroën Flagship Showroom exemplifies ADERASSA’s expertise in creating exceptional visitor experiences. By seamlessly blending advanced technology with flexible, immersive spaces, we helped maintain C_42’s status as a leading destination that celebrated Citroën’s legacy and innovation, while continuously evolving to meet modern visitor expectations.