Our systemic approach allows our clients to save money during development of their projects. We have a proven track record of Millions of dollar savings in large projects for over a decade.
Our innovative approach to attract attendees has allowed declining industries like horse racing to return to profit by attracting large numbers of new fans. Mainly because we already did it before for stadiums & arenas.
Innovation does not come with new technological tools but with new economic models. At each phase of our mission we are focused on how to value each improvement to create innovative economic models.

To best serve teams, fans, businesses and local community

Pandemic has generated new generation of Fans. We are developing new services and amenities more engagement and attractivity for attendees and added value for teams and venues.
Our proven track record in creating a business environment in sports venues has generated new opportunities for professionals and venues, attracted new fans and new revenue streams for several projects.
Sports venues are more than large Entertainment hubs, they also need to be developed to include cultural amenities, they can also be developed as hubs for local small businesses and more.




In the aftermath of the Pandemic, it may seem difficult to define the actions to be taken in the years to come for the business development.

Therefore, we are reassessing existing strategic plans to define sustainable strategies for the next decades, especially since all the data has changed with Pandemic.

By gathering all the performance data available in collaboration with the teams and the operators / owners, we define a common thread adapted to the current unstable context.


Pandemic has changed fans expectations and their way to spend. The Return On Investment for fans must match the experience and services you have to offer.

We evaluate the visitor’s journey to identify trends based on context and quality of experience to define new sustainable standards and adapt the existing ones to be more in-line with actual and future expectations.



Because a dozen sports events per year is no longer enough to value the development / redevelopment of sports venues, we are helping to define a strategic real estate-oriented plan to optimize a financial ecosystem that is as sustainable as possible.


We are obsessed with the fan experience and operations. This is why our involvement during the design stage of the project makes it possible to guarantee optimized operations costs with the most enhanced fan experience in the most flexible facilities for decades to come.


Our extensive experience in development and operations allows us to detect weaknesses in proposed engineering that potentially cost a lot of money during operations and investment. Our technical expertise during the bidding process allows to detect possible mismatches with operations needs and over pricing.


In monitoring the construction and commissioning process, our obsession with operations not only guarantees the quality of the completion, but systematically leads to significant savings in operating costs.



We are assessing the actual fan experience and integrating new trends to be more in-line with Post-Pandemic expectations of fans for years to come.


We are developing and monitoring efficient Maintenance and renewal programs to insure the financing and renewal capacity for 2 decades of operations


Due to our extensive event experience, our experts regularly integrate the teams of our clients’ venues to strengthen their coordination and management capacity. Depending on the needs, we design operational centers or we can set up remote ones.


To optimize operations, we are led to co-operate remotely some amenities (Audiovisual, IT, digital signage) during daily operations. So our clients do not need to hire extra resources and have a better quality of service.


In supporting the development, commissioning and operations of your technology amenities, our Technology consulting division ADERASSA.TECH allows you to:

  • Enhance the fan experience and engagement with innovation
  • Generate new revenue streams through new channels and technologies
  • Improve operations with oriented technologies and processes
  • Optimize operations costs with tailored technology and maintenance processes
  • Ensure reliability and quality of technologies used
  • And much more