Our mission

Our systemic approach allows our clients to save money during development of their projects. We have a proven track record of Millions of dollar savings in large projects for over a decade.
Our innovative approach to attract attendees has allowed declining industries like horse racing to return to profit by attracting large numbers of new fans. Mainly because we already did it before for stadiums & arenas.
Innovation does not come with new technological tools but with new economic models. At each phase of our mission we are focused on how to value each improvement to create innovative economic models.

Field of Expertise

The fan experience is the spirit of a Sports & Entertainment facility. This asset is not enough taken into account in construction project. For us: it is the core of the project and operations. OUR SCOPE:
Your game has specific requirements to run. We are supporting all phases of the project to ensure the quality of realization and efficiency of operations. OUR SCOPE:
The FAN EXPERIENCE and your GAME FACILITIES need efficient and reliable technical infrastructure to run. We are also involved in the design and construction of these infrastructures to be sure they will meet all needs and operating requirements. .OUR SCOPE:
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The most profitable experience

If revenue streams can clearly be defined (ticketing, wagering, food and beverage, TV rights…), they have direct and indirect impact on GAME FACILITIES & TECHNICAL INFRASTRUCTURES that are not immediately obvious to identify. This impact can be measured in millions of dollars on investments, construction and operations on infrastructures with short life cycles.

ADERASSA is supporting Sporting venues owners and operators in improving the balance between revenue and inherited costs.

The FAN EXPERIENCE is the most important revenue source of a sport venue: No attendees= no income / Drop in attendance = Decline in income. Today this experience is dependent on technology deployed in the venue to support a constantly renewed experience.
The quality of the GAME FACILITIES is serving the FAN EXPERIENCE. Not only for the attendees, but also for people watching on TV. Depending on the type of game or event, incomes are not going directly to the venue but to the sport club.
Venues are built with cycles of 10/20 years for a total duration of 50 years.Tens of millions of dollars worth of TECHNICAL INFRASTRUCTURES required by the FAN EXPERIENCE and GAME FACILITIES have life cycles in some cases not exceeding 36 months and must be planned several years before they implemented.

A real support during each step of the projet

Because every step in the development of sports venue project and can have an impact of several Millions, ADERASSA is attentive that each operational objective is clear and well understood by everyone to ensure the success beyond of commissioning.


This step in a new project is essential because during this phase the objectives must be clearly defined to be understood by everyone involved.

It is for this reason that we work with the owner to design an operational memorandum which will allow:
– to define the expected operational objectives
– to define the services offered to attendees
– to define the expected economic models
– to define the technical constraints related to operational
– to identify the premises and technical areas useful for the FAN EXPERIENCE to be included in the architectural program (which is very often forgotten)

This memorandum also allows the project to be promoted to investors, partners, city departments… by demonstrating mastery of the project over time and its various sources of operational revenue.


Based on the architect’s design, we work in collaboration with the architects, consultants, owner’s representative or PMO, operators and the owner to review and analyze the various design and budget documents in order to:
– detect all discrepancies with leagues recommendations or regulations (pathway of the players in adequacy with the public and media…)
– identify improvement in the visitor journey
– enhance location of the points of sale and bet booths according to the habits and culture of fans attending the venue
– identify the possible lack of premises and technical areas for digital and broadcast infrastructures needs
– Optimize and validate the budget of equipment & facilities required for operational needs and FAN EXPERIENCE

Most of the construction, investment, and operations savings are made during this step, and every detail or oversight can multi-million-dollar consequences in operations or facilities that must be redone or modify after commissioning or during operations.


The PRE-CONSTRUCTION stage is the hinge between the possible savings and the quality of execution of the project.

We go into the details of the construction, the investments and the expected quality of execution in order to ensure that each component installed during construction is appropriately sized, quality and cost (purchase and operational).

Whenever possible, we participate in the bidding process for all equipment (TECHNICAL INFRASTRUCTURES) required for the operations of the FAN EXPERIENCE and the GAME FACILITIES in order to guarantee the quality and the cost of the investments made.

This step is also the opportunity for the owner or the operator to achieve technological or operational partnerships. Our expertise and experience in this area has allowed many of our clients to achieve profitable financial, technical and operational partnership transactions.


Quality of execution is a determining factor in the quality of the future operation of the stadium. Throughout the construction period, we analyze the discrepancies with what has been imagined:
– we highlight possible failures of execution for the scope we are involved
– we help arbitration with an operational orientation
– we prepare the future operations with the owner and the operator

In many cases, a construction / renovation project is also an opportunity to develop new operations process and access new technologies. This step is also a period for us during which we assist the owner and the operator in the “change management” of their staff.

At the completion of the project, some parts may have fallen behind or expected quality is not there, it is sometimes difficult to analyze the operational and financial consequences of this facts (short term & long term). By involving us in the construction step, our expertise and experience has allowed many of our clients to make the right final decisions and save millions of dollars without endangering the operation of their venue.


Even if you plan everything months and years in advance, there are things you cannot imagine until everything is built and operational.During “the first year of warranty”, we support the owner and the operator to identify improvements or operational adaptations to be made.

We oversee for them all changes to be made in FAN EXPERIENCE amenities, GAME FACILITIES and TECHNICAL INFRASTRUCTURES, so they can stay focused on their operations.

Every 36 months and 60 months at the end of the digital equipment life cycles required for FAN EXPERIENCE, we analyze the changes and improvements that must be made based on the operating history, new objectives and technological developments.

As we had already planned this in the business models from the inception step while preserving it at each step, the renewal costs are already anticipated and provisioned.