Our mission

Our systemic approach allows our clients to save money during development of their projects. We have a proven track record of Millions of dollar savings in large projects for over a decade.
Our innovative approach to attract attendees has allowed declining industries like horse racing to return to profit by attracting large numbers of new fans. Mainly because we already did it before for stadiums & arenas.
Innovation does not come with new technological tools but with new economic models. At each phase of our mission we are focused on how to value each improvement to create innovative economic models.

To best serve teams, fans, businesses and local community

Pandemic has generated new generation of Fans. We are developing new services and amenities more engagement and attractivity for attendees and added value for teams and venues.
Our proven track record in creating a business environment in sports venues has generated new opportunities for professionals and venues, attracted new fans and new revenue streams for several projects.
Sports venues are more than large Entertainment hubs, they also need to be developed to include cultural amenities, they can also be developed as hubs for local small businesses and more.

How we do

By bringing  a systemic approach to first and foremost serve the achievement and success of the project at each step of its development and operation.


Beyond the architectural aspects of the project, the economic sustainability of the project will be the key for the next decades and its funding. Therefore the development phase is the most decisive step of the project and when we are at the side of the main actors of the project to define the strategy of development (sportive and non-sportive).

Being on the cutting edge is no longer enough into this Post-Pandemic era to create added value for sports venues, like a private company it is essential to define and dimension development trends which generate the revenue streams and increase engagement.

Our scope of work:

  • Strategy development study
  • Feasibility study support
  • Program definition


Based on the architect’s design, we work in collaboration with the architects, consultants, owner’s representative or PMO, operators and the owner to review and analyze the various design and budget documents in order to:

Our scope of work:

  • Develop strategies defined in the previous step
  • Detect all eventual impacts on the strategy of development plan
  • Detect all discrepancies with leagues recommendations or regulations (pathway of the players in adequacy with the public and media…)
  • Validate / Improvement the visitor journey
  • Enhance location of the points of sale and bet booths according to the habits and culture of fans attending the venue
  • Identify the possible lack of premises and technical areas for digital and broadcast infrastructures needs
  • Optimize and validate the budget of equipment & facilities required for operational needs and FAN EXPERIENCE


The PRE-CONSTRUCTION stage is the hinge between the possible savings and the quality of execution of the project.

We go into the details of the construction, the investments and the expected quality of execution in order to ensure that each component installed during construction is appropriately sized, quality and cost (purchase and operational).

Whenever possible, we participate in the bidding process for all equipment required for the operations in order to guarantee the quality and the cost of the investments made.

Our scope of work:

  • Support the development of planned economic models
  • Technical engineering and costs review
  • Strategic BIDS Management / support
  • Partnership / Sponsoring support


At the completion of the project, some parts may have fallen behind or expected quality is not there, it is sometimes difficult to analyze the operational and financial consequences of this facts (short term & long term).

Our track proven expertise and experience has allowed many of our clients to make the right final decisions and save lot of money without endangering the operation of their venue.

Our scope of work:

  • Development of the planned economic models
  • Quality of execution review
  • Failures of execution impacting operations analysis
  • Set up of future operations with the owner and the operator
  • Commissioning support
  • Maintenance & Renewal plannification


Even if you plan everything months and years in advance, there are things you cannot imagine until everything is built and operational.During “the first year of warranty”, we support the owner and the operator to identify improvements or operational adaptations to be made.

To ensure the success and quality of operations in time, we can co-operate with the main operator several services and/or amenities as we already do for years for several clients.

Our scope of work:

  • First year of operations support
  • Audits and improvements definition
  • Operation support
  • Maintenance & renewal program support